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The environment and fitness are two things you care about. 

They don't have to be mutually exclusive. 


Squat Pro

What is Squat Pro?

 We want a better world. 

Squat Pro began when MD, Laura, looked at the labels in her gym clothes. She'd heard a lot about micro-plastics and microfibres in her Sustainability day-job and learned that 60% of micro-plastics come from road tyres and clothing. 

But everyone is talking about cotton buds and straws. There was something wrong. 

She realised all of her clothes contained some form of polymer. Every. Single. One.  These include elastane, spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester. 

She started researching fabrics, going to trade shows, and learning about the circular economy concept

Today Squat Pro are not yet in production but can say for certain that we can produce very low waste, low and zero plastic sports clothing and we can take that clothing back for recycling and reusing when you no longer want it. Scroll down to see the three ranges we have planned.

Some of our fabric is organic cotton. We know cotton itself has issues so we are working together with our supply chain to develop novel fabrics that will reduce the cotton content by using a food production by-product. This reduces waste and doesn't generate additional resource use through plant growth because it already exists

In addition, we're looking closely at our own waste. We're a paperless office and have asked our suppliers to avoid the use of hang tags in the clothing. We promise to keep postage packaging to a minimum too. Keep the packaging to return your leggings to us and we promise to reuse the packaging for as long as we can! 

We also ask our suppliers to use the normal mail system wherever possible to ensure that transportation uses vehicles that will be travelling anyway, minimising our carbon impact. That doesn't mean there wont be times that we will have to use a courier though, we're doing our best! 

Finally, we are looking for partnerships to provide complementary eco-products so feel free to get in touch. 

This is Laura at the Future Fabrics Expo 2019

This is Laura at the Future Fabrics Expo 2019

Squat Leggings Ranges

Low Plastic fibres


Our low plastic range offers simple, inexpensive, quality fitness leggings to meet your every day sports needs. 

Most sports clothing has about 5-7% elastane, or spandex, lycra, nylon or polyester. 

These leggings offer a very low plastic content of 1-2%. 

Why do we still offer plastic? 

Stretch can come in three dimensions: warp, weft and bias. A Bias stretch is almost impossible to achieve without elastane, or some polymer (plastic). 

Most fitness leggings need this and getting used to working out without a bias-stretch legging might be a challenge. It sometimes requires bespoke design e.g. the fabric around your glutes needs to stretch differently to the fabric on your knees and so the fabric must be turned and stitched in what may look like unusual designs to permit the appropriate stretch for weightlifting. 

Doing your best is better than doing nothing. So we recommend purchasing a Guppy Friend or Cora Ball to wash your leggings in/with to minimise the leaking of microplastic fibres from these clothes. 

Clean fibres


Our CLEAN brand offers a zero plastic solution. 

Most of these leggings are 100% organic cotton, others are made from recycled natural (cellulose) fibres. 

 A mechanical stretch is induced in the production of these fabric so they stretch only in the warp and/or weft which means they have to be stitched together a bit differently. The good news? No plastic microfibre leakage through your washing machine so wash away! 

We support the zero waste circular economy concept so return these leggings in any condition when you no longer want them and we will give you a discount off the next pair you buy. 

Unique fibres


Our Unique range is under development. These leggings use a secret food production by-product that our suppliers collect and make into a fibre. Combining this product with cotton creates a natural wicking material with a warp and weft stretch. 

Shhhh... this one's a secret! 

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