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No Plastic. No Problem. 

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What is Squat?

We lift. We run. We row. We cycle. We climb. 

We seek peak performance in whatever our sport. 

We Squat. 

Our MD qualified as a fitness instructor in 2011 and qualified to level 2 this year. She spent 9 years in the military lifting weights and training hard. She's won rowing races, cycled sportives, run endurance obstacle races, she was even a dancer throughout her childhood. She gets sport. 

Researching a business ethics article in 2018 she found that stretch clothing is made of plastic. Then she found that evidence suggests breathing in airborne microfibres from clothing is potentially causing cancer and respiratory illnesses. Shit. ALL her sportswear was 100% plastic. 

Have a look through her blog for more. 

We make plastic-free sportswear. Designers told us it couldn't be done. Sportswear companies focussed on recycling plastic to save the ocean.  We want to turn off the tap. Now.  

Peak performance means looking at everything you do. Understanding what you need to be your best: To lift the heaviest; To cycle the fastest. Everything matters. 

Breath easy. 


The details: 

Clothing-based plastic (hydrocarbon polymers) include elastane, spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester, acrylic. 

Some of our fabric is organic cotton. We know cotton itself has issues so we are working together with our supply chain to develop novel fabrics that will reduce the cotton content by using a food production by-product. This reduces waste and doesn't generate additional resource use through plant growth because it already exists

In addition, we're looking closely at our own waste. We're a paperless office and have asked our suppliers to avoid the use of hang tags in the clothing. We promise to keep postage packaging to a minimum too. 

We also ask our suppliers to use the normal mail system wherever possible to ensure that transportation uses vehicles that will be travelling anyway, minimising our carbon impact. That doesn't mean there wont be times that we will have to use a courier though, we're doing our best! 

Finally, we are working on ways to recycle your leggings when you're done with them! 

Got questions?  Email our MD direct:


Squat Leggings Ranges



 A mechanical stretch is induced in the production of the fabric so they stretch only in the warp and/or weft which means they may be stitched together a bit differently. The good news? No plastic microfibre leakage through your washing machine so wash away! 

The fibre is natural cellulose and so has a very low carbon footprint too. 



We hope to retail our initial leggings in October. 

We will keep you updated on the blog. 

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