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You know what it's like. You hit January and you've eaten and drunk so much over Christmas and Hogmanay that the trousers are a little tighter around the waist and now you're back at work the pressure is starting to build as we come to the end of the financial year. The nights are starting to get lighter and there's an air of hope that at some point soon you'll drop the weight and the stress will ease and you'll get around to looking after yourself...

For something to change, something has to change. 

So what if you could get up in the morning fresh. Breeze bleary eyed to the gym with your coffee, push out some heavy weights and a little HIIT with people who get what its like, and leave to start your day energised and ready to enjoy it? You stand taller, you sit better, you practice more 'management by walking about' in the office so your colleagues think 'I'll have some of what s/he's having!' and you achieve more. 

My passion is empowerment of men and women who want to LOVE how they LIVE. 

I train men and women to do more than they ever thought possible with their bodies and to love their bodies for it, whatever their shape. I believe in looking after yourself first. 

I believe that happiness comes before success and success is all about happiness. You can achieve so much more with your family and your work when you look after yourself. 

Ask yourself this: Do you want more out of life? Do you want to be inspired and challenged every day?  Do you want to wake up excited? 

Give me a call and I'll show you how incredible you already are. Have a look at my trustpilot reviews and personal training page and then call me right now!

What are you waiting for?  



Personal Training In Barnsley and online

Personal Training In Barnsley and online 


Squat Ltd has two branches: Personal training and sportswear development. 

We are on a mission to make plastic-free, low impact sportswear. 

Designers and major brands tell us it can't be done. Sportswear companies focussed on recycling plastic to save the ocean.  We want to turn off the tap. Now.  

Peak performance means looking at everything you do. Understanding what you need to be your best: To lift the heaviest; To cycle the fastest. Everything matters.


The detail: 

Clothing-based plastic (hydrocarbon polymers) include elastane, spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester, acrylic. 

Some of our fabric is organic cotton mixed with other natural fibres. We know cotton itself has issues so we are working together with our supply chain to develop novel fabrics that will reduce the cotton content by using a food production by-product. This reduces waste and doesn't generate additional resource use through plant growth because it already exists

In addition, we're looking closely at our own waste. We're a paperless office and have asked our suppliers to avoid the use of hang tags in the clothing. We promise to keep postage packaging to a minimum too. 

We will be selling at events, so you can have a look at the events page for more information on where we will be and when. 

Got questions?  Email our MD direct:


Squat Leggings Ranges- COMING SOON





 A natural fibre with a slight stretch and a mechanically induced stretch through knitting. The good news? No plastic microfibre leakage.

The fibre is natural cellulose and so has a very low carbon footprint too. 





We hope to retail our initial leggings in Summer 2020. 

We will keep you updated on the blog. 

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