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Laura McNally BSc (Hons) REPS CIMSPA CGeog

With over 20 years' experience training all ages to dance at various schools, I help my clients to understand how incredible their bodies already are. Many look in the mirror and dislike what they see. I was one of them. When you understand how much you're able to achieve with what you already have, you'll start to enjoy your body, you'll start to enjoy living, you'll be able to tell your friends and share your achievements with your friends, you'll be more confident and less stressed and most of all, you'll be happy with yourself.

 I trained with Health and Fitness Education not only to become a Personal Trainer but to become an Exercise Referral Specialist and I'm currently training to be a Level 4 specialist in Low Back Pain which is a complaint I hear from nearly everyone I work with. I've suffered with chronic low back pain myself and it's debilitating when you think you can't achieve what you once could. There's good news though: trainers like me exist to help you through and when you do more than you could before you realise just what a machine this body of yours is! 

I'm also a former RAF Intelligence Officer of 9 years and veteran, having served overseas on 5 occasions, including Afghanistan. The impacts aren't only physically arduous but it's also mentally challenging to be away from family and friends and  to be dropped into a location where you're not always welcome. For me, exercise is the foundation to good mental health - building a strong body builds a strong mind.

More recently I've begun to enjoy the broader aspects of training and bring those to my classes. My team-based class 'Full Body Fitness' creates a supportive atmosphere where everyone has something to offer.  

It's not about lifting, it's about living. 

Laura McNally, 
Personal Trainer, Barnsley
Laura McNally, Personal Trainer, Barnsley


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